Medical Fusion and SEAK: Non-Clinical Career Assistance

I heard that the Medical Fusion conference has been cancelled for June 2010, but there will be one in November.  Reportedly, the registrations were not high enough to go ahead with the June date.   This may be due to the fact that the economy is still quite ill, and perhaps doctors thinking about a career change are putting this off for now.  That makes sense, but a career transition can take a while, and it can’t hurt to attend a conference and get some information.  Once the economy recovers, it makes sense to be ready.

I attended the 2009 SEAK conference in Chicago, and enjoyed it very much.  I estimate that between 230-275 people attended, and they were from many different specialties and places along the medical career pathway.  The 2010 version looks to be even bigger and better. 

In medicine, there is a clearly defined pathway of development, but in the non-clinical world, the path is less clear.  Making the leap from the familiar to the unfamiliar is a daunting challenge, and there seem to be many different ways to make a successful transition.  These conferences have value in this regard, and are a great way for doctors interested in other opportunities to take a look at what is out there.


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