Health Reform: A Tale of Two Charts?

As health reform moves forward, it is worthwhile to take a look at two charts which were produced during the run-up to the legislation.  Each chart represents the view of that side’s stance on health care, so it is obvious which represents the view in favor and that opposed, or is it?

Two features stand out:  the first is the circuit-board complexity of the GOP chart vs. the pastel-colored second chart from Jonathan Cohn.  The second is “Where is the patient in all of this?”  In the second chart, it is easier to identify the patient, tucked off in the upper corner, far from the center of the system.  In the other chart, the patient is down in the lower right, roped in by six or so spaghetti lines.  (Disclaimer, I am not responsible if viewing either chart causes seizures.  Stare at your own risk)

What is obvious is that the system as it stands is very complex, although it is probably less complex than the new system coming with reform.  As various elements of the bill take effect, watch for the unintended consequences, and the responses to them.  It is likely that overall success or failure of the reform effort will be determined by the responses to those unintended consequences.

Increases in health plan premiums, elimination of child-only insurance policies, and the insurance waiver requests by employers such as McDonald’s are just a few of the initial unintended consequences thus far, but they will certainly not be the last.


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