What’s Wrong With West Palm Beach?

West Palm Beach

Given that it is Thanksgiving week, there are plenty of travel articles flying around.  This one, “13 Things Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You“, covers all the usual gripes one might expect from the flight attendant perspective.  You have to sympathize with flight attendants, as they deal many travelers, some of them obnoxious and frustrating. But check out item #12:

“I hate working flights to destinations like Vail and West Palm Beach. The passengers all think they’re in first class even if they’re not. They don’t do what we ask. And the overhead bins are full of their mink coats.”

Hey!  Did they just insult my adopted home?  Yep, and also threw in a dig at a renowned ski area for good measure.

I fly quite a bit these days, and haven’t seen too many rude passengers heading to PBIA.  At least half the plane is filled with tourists heading down for a good time, and the rest with friendly snowbirds.  Keep in mind that West Palm is a regular town, its the island across the bridge that has more of  the high-end types.   But the biggest ones have their own planes! So they aren’t filling the overhead bins with mink coats.

I wonder, if a frustrated attendant curses out the passengers and pulls a Steven Slater inflatable slide move, can I follow them out?  I’ll politely ask first, then grab my mink coat out of the overhead bin.


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5 responses to “What’s Wrong With West Palm Beach?”

  1. Palm Beach Jon says :

    Great post. I travel a lot also and “the islanders” do have thier own copters and jets for traveling. It could be the New Yorkers that make the flights kind of bad. LOL

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