Three Health News Headscratchers

Today there were three health related stories that raised eyebrows across America.  Rather than get into a detailed dissertation of each, I will list each of them with links, and a brief commentary.

First, an article proclaimed “Doctors reaffirm insurance responsibility stance”.  I think the first headline was something to the effect of “Doctors support health law” but if so, it was later altered.  The headline is deceptive, because it is the American Medical Association that proclaimed the above position, not a majority of American doctors.  It should be remembered that only about 17-25% of doctors are members of the AMA.

Next, we heard that a misguided soul attempted to rob a bank for $1 in order to receive health insurance.  James Verone apparently hopes to become an inmate; with all the rights, responsibilities, and health coverage afforded that distinction.  He claims to have back, foot and other ailments, and lost his medical coverage during the economic downturn.  His desperation seems sincere, but he may benefit more from a psychological evaluation.  Robbing a bank?    Was there any attempt to exhaust all other methods of getting care before trying this stunt?   It seems hard to believe that all the doctors in that fine country area of North Carolina were unwilling to help him.

Third, we learned that a “glitch” in the health reform law may make it possible for couples with incomes up to $64,000 to qualify for Medicaid.  Supposedly this is not a concern, since this loophole should be corrected before the law goes into effect.  But it underscores the fact that nobody read this groundbreaking law very closely before voting for it.  To be fair, most of those criticizing it didn’t read it very closely either.


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